Guitar Sound Effects

How to get the guitar sound effects to sound just like your favorite guitarist?

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I know, this post is not about guitar sound effects. But it provides some  info for those that feel they need some kind of  tuition. In today’s world the internet provides much quicker access to guitar lessons than it used to be. Instead of paying a teacher for weekly lessons or going thru countless books, you have the lessons online which enables you to choose your teacher and time when you will practice. However, one might easily get lost among thousands of tutorials offered online. So, what should a good tutorial look like? It is hard to tell, moreover because it involves personal preferences and abilities, but here are some basic components of a good guitar tutorial:

  • It should be as simple as possible. A complicated style can discourage a pupil and make his progress very slow. Music can be complicated sometimes in terms of theory but all that can be explained in a simple and accessible way
  • It should provide basic understanding of music theory. Perhaps not overwhelming, but some basic knowledge is necessary to advance and communicate to other musicians
  • It should give some information about the sound. Not necessarily abut waveforms, voltages, frequencies etc. But it should give you some basic idea of how to get a good sound out of various equipment. These things are highly individual and often kept as a secret among musicians so a good tutorial should reveal some of them
  • It should include approaches to various styles of music
  • It should include licks you will enjoy playing and can use in every day playing. These licks can motivate further playing
  • It should show everything on a guitar neck (whether a real one or a diagram as one shown below) clearly. This way you will be able to visualize things on a guitar and connect it with what you hear which makes your progress much faster
  • Optimum tempo, things explained not too fast (so you can keep up) and not too slow (so they do not become boring)
  • Backing tracks are a must

A diagram of a guitar neck on which it is explained what you should play – the best method in any guitar tutorial

Here is an example of one such tutorial (click on the picture below).

But folks, don’t be fooled. As much as a good tutorial can help, your progress still depends on your own work, so keep practicing.

If any of you know any good tutorial please let us know. Thank you.

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